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Abbie & Co. focuses on luxury investment watches. We are determined to provide luxury watches that holds value to you. Pre-owned and Brand new watches are part of our offerings. Buying, servicing and trading are also services that we provide.

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Abbie & Co. Story

We want to put the spotlight onto the 2 things we love, animals – dogs especially and exquisite watches. Luxury watches can be profitable, so why not share the love with our furry friends? Abbie & Co. is created with the ambition to give a better home for as many stranded dogs as possible. How? While we trade, 5% of our profit goes to SPCA and other dog communities that would need our help.


Rolex Starbucks Oystersteel

Patek Philippe 5167r 2011

Rolex Daytona White Panda 2021

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