Why Abbie & Co.

Abbie & Co is aiming to provide high quality service to protect your luxury watches to ensure that your investments remain in perfect condition throughout the years. Our protection film ranges from Rolex to Richard Mille and more.”

High Resistance

Abbie & Co promises to use high quality protection films which give high level of resistance towards scratches and scuffs. Our film is tested to be water and heat resistant, making sure it will not fall off easily.

Self Healing


The protection film is treated with a multi-layered nano top coat. The coating’s compact structure prevents the formation of scratches to preserve a pristine appearance.


The protection film coating also comes with a heat-activated self-healing function which helps eliminate any minor damages on the film surface.


The film is engineered to be resistant to salt and fresh water, however; it is not recommended to keep it submerged in water for long periods of time which might affect the overall adhesion strength of the film.

Total Invisibility:

The film is only 0.15mm in thickness and are glossy in nature, which means that film application will not affect the original finish of the watch surface and it will be hardly detectable once applied.